UPVC Reversible Windows

We’ve designed fully reversible windows that are ideal for locations with external access issues. Whether you’re fitting windows for a domestic or commercial client, we can work with you to develop bespoke sealed units that are perfect for each and every job, no matter how big or small.

Our reversible window can be manufactured as a stand-alone opener or as a composite style of opening and fixed lights, thanks to a full range of exclusive designs to suit all types of property, and the space available.

Visually, the profile has the same edge as the Elite 70 Bevel and Patio suites, to ensure a neater finish on the final product. The result? Slick, clean lines with no imposition on existing space, and full access to both the internal and external aspects of each window.

Easy cleaning

Fully reversible windows allow customers to easily clean the external face of the window from inside, without the need for special equipment. It makes maintenance easier and quicker, and consequently, much cheaper.

The reversing action on the vent is totally external, so there is no disruption to internal window dressing or cills.

Secure for complete peace of mind

Using a specially design Espag for use with reversible window systems a high level of security is achieved. Indigos Reversible windows are tested at the British Standards Institute and have successfully achieved PAS24.

Reversible windows are often used in high-rise locations, so we’ve designed ours with hinges that have built-in restriction in two positions to minimise risk.

A bespoke service

Need something unique and tailored to fit specific dimensions? We can help. Our bespoke design and planning service caters for individual needs, no matter how big or small your job.

We carry four standard colours: white, cream, light oak, rosewood and white foil. Other colours and grained foil finishes are available.

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