UPVC Casement Windows

Not all windows are created equal, and the Elite 70 casement window range is the result of our extensive research and development using cutting-edge material and construction technology. We ensure that our sealed units conform to all current legislation on safety, security and thermal efficiency.

The sum of its parts

The Elite 70 system is a complete suite of component parts, which enables the design, manufacture and installation of a full range of uPVC windows from the same system.

This means they’re easier to fit, with designs working seamlessly together to provide a huge range of combinations, so you can offer your customers simplicity in design and fitting, unrivalled style and choice, and a consistent finish throughout.

Bespoke Service

While we may produce a huge range of casement windows, we recognise that sometimes you’ll need that personal touch for something extra special. Our bespoke design and planning service caters for individual needs, so you can offer your customers a unique, tailor-made service.

We offer four standard colours: white, cream, light oak, rosewood and white foil. However, other colours and grained foil finishes are available.

Efficiency – together, we’re doing our bit

One of our core values is energy efficiency. So we’ve put real effort into developing energy efficient products that will be good for your customers’ wallets and good for the planet too.

Indigo windows achieve a Window Energy Rating of band A. Our casement windows maximise solar heat gain retention within the property, while minimising any thermal and air loss. The result? Lower bills and a more energy efficient home.

Good for the environment

  • Our windows provide an outstanding barrier against heat and noise loss – even in the most extreme whether conditions
  • Windows made from PVC negates the use of timber, helping in the fight against deforestation around the world
  • Our windows do not require painting, so don’t consume additional harmful materials such as paints or varnishes, or generate associated waste
  • Our entire manufacturing process – from production to installation – is confined to the UK and Ireland, minimising transportation and fuel consumption.

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