Using the Right Information to Sell Windows

As a window installer, your customers will look to you for expert advice and information. The more you come across as “knowing your stuff,” the easier it will be for you to sell windows. To overcome the perception of hard sales practices that your customers may have, it is far better to be knowledgeable about your products and be able to answer all their questions with some authority. Knowing your product’s features and benefits is a must, so it is important to partner with PVC window suppliers that can give you all the correct information.

What to Expect From Indigo

Here at Indigo we provide a wide range of products that are not only energy efficient but aesthetically pleasing, too. But just getting the windows is not enough. We also aim to keep you up to date with the latest news and information from the industry. In addition to this, we aim to give you easy access to your account and the details of your orders. By partnering with us we will work with you, as an extended part of your business.

What Information Should You Be Armed With?

It’s important to familiarise yourself with all the benefits and features of the products. While most of your customers will probably have an idea of what they want, as they might just want to replace the windows they have with similar ones, it is important that you can recommend the best options that will make their home look at its best. Most homeowners are very emotionally attached to their home, and they want it to look as good as it can without going over the top. They may not know what is available, and this is where your expertise comes in. You should be able to make suggestions that will enhance their home – this is what your customers will buy in to.

Energy Savings Are Important

Although homeowners tend to make emotional buys when it comes to their home, there is no getting away from the importance of energy savings to most bill payers. It is no secret that heating our homes is costing more and more these days with no real hope that the cost of energy will reduce. The government is very keen that people should insulate their homes to make them more energy efficient and help to reduce carbon emissions. Replacing old, single-glazed windows in a detached home could save £130-£175 per year, according to the Energy Savings Trust. It is worth making yourself familiar with the figures given from a trustworthy source. It adds authority to what you are telling your customers.

Once you have all the information at hand, you are ready to meet your customers. Having knowledge will give you confidence and will impress your customers. If you aim to have authority and treat your customers with respect, you will build the trust that will seal the deal.

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