CE Marking DOP Documents

All our products are manufactured in line with current legislation. The CE mark on products indicates that these items comply with standards for safety and quality. The CE declaration of performances for these products is available below.

What is the CE mark?

The CE mark replaced the EC mark in 1985 and is mandatory for some products sold within the European Economic Area.

CE marking means that a product complies with essential requirements of the Construction Products Regulations drawn up by the European Commission and that the product can be used for the application intended.

Why is it important to your customers?

CE marking builds up a bond of trust between you and your customer, demonstrating that the goods they are buying conform to EU and UK safety and quality standards.

CE marking is a strong USP that is often overlooked in company’s marketing campaigns, and acts as reassurance to your clients that the goods they’re getting are high quality.

The assurance that the CE mark gives encourages customer engagement with the product, building up a reputation for reliability, trust and quality. It is therefore a key part of your brand promotion, as well as a legal requirement on many items.

We take quality seriously

All of our sealed units for doors, windows and conservatories carry the CE mark as standard. So you know that the product you’re supplying to your customer reaches all legal requirements for safety and quality, and in most cases exceeds expectations.

Find out more about CE marking

If you want to know more about CE marks and how they relate to your business, contact us now on 01922 743 202 and talk to one of our expert advisers, or email us for more information.

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